The Finish Limited

Founded in 2012,The finish Limited is a company that provides complementary services in design solutions,renovations, building, architecture, interior design amongst others.

The Finish liaises with technical and skilled labour to achieve maximum standards in service delivery, putting into consideration clients budgets. Building some of the most unique and bespoke designs for our hospitality and corporate clients drives our success. More clients turn to us for our ability to interpret and delivertheirideas innovatively and accurately.

The Finish Ltd.’s business is about planning, designing and enhancing spaces and structures according to the client’s aesthetic requirements while keeping international safety standards. It is about bringing the ideas every client has for their space and structure to reality making use of our team of trained professionals and skilled workers.

The core goal is to essentially synergize Nigeria and Africa to the rest of the world through Luxury design. To add style and grandeur to every space and structure while reflecting the client’s personality.

Our Mission

To spearhead the design and construction of structures in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To consistently provide exceptional luxury construction design solutions that synergies aesthetics and world-class standards using a team of skilled professionals while retaining customer satisfaction as our No. 1 priority.

Our Principal Partner

Our Principal Partner

Ade Torch

Adegboyega Adekoya

Meet the CEO and founder of The Finish Limited. An interior design expert and upwardly mobile professional, Adegboyega Adekoya who is an alumni of the University of Lagos runs one of Nigeria’s most unique design schools called, The Finish Academy where students are trained in the art of interior design. His clientele cuts across different strata of the society.

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